12 November 2015
In Valetta, Malta, where the EU-Africa summit is being held, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that the Visegrád countries will send over 300 border patrol and police officers to Greece “so that we can halt the migration wave at the southern borders of Greece”.
10 November 2015
With the aid of the development funds provided by the Government, Nyíregyháza may grow to become one of the country’s economic centres by 2020, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in Nyíregyháza at his press conference held jointly with Mayor Ferenc Kovács.
10 November 2015
Hungary is a protected country today, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in Nyíregyháza. Upon speaking about the migration crisis, the Prime Minister pointed out that the Government has fulfilled its obligation towards Hungarian citizens.
10 November 2015
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that Hungarian industry is clearly reviving: “It is trying its wings”.

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  • Viktor Orbán, 52
  • Lawyer, graduated at Eötvös Loránd University and studied at Pembroke College, Oxford
  • Married to Anikó Lévai
  • They have five children: Ráhel, Gáspár, Sára, Róza, Flóra
  • Chairman of FIDESZ, vice-chairman of the European People's Party


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