21 March 2016
On Saturday morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received President of Poland Andrzej Duda in Parliament.
19 March 2016
In answer to questions from foreign journalists in Brussels on Friday, the second day of the summit of the European Union’s heads of state and government, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary does not like double standards, and therefore does not support them being applied to anyone, including Poland.
18 March 2016
At a press conference in Brussels on Friday afternoon, in which he evaluated the agreement between the European Union and Turkey, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungarian diplomacy has achieved its goals.
18 March 2016
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that from Hungary’s viewpoint the two-day summit of EU heads of state and government in Brussels has so far been successful, “but at least encouraging”, though the “decisive battle” will have to be fought in May.
17 March 2016
On Thursday, before the Brussels summit of EU heads of state and government, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the Hungarian government’s goal is to ensure that, within any prospective migration agreement, refugee exchanges or resettlement of any kind between the European Union and Turkey only occurs on a voluntary basis.
17 March 2016
Before a meeting of the European People’s Party in Brussels, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán held talks with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
17 March 2016
At an event held on Tuesday to mark the anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that “we reject the forced resettlement scheme, and we shall tolerate neither blackmail, nor threats”.
16 March 2016
Bertalan Havas, the Deputy State Secretary heading the Press Office of the Prime Minister, has told kormany.hu that on Monday morning Prime Minister Viktor Orbán sent a message to Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu, expressing his anger and sadness at Sunday’s suicide bombing in Ankara.
16 March 2016
15 March 2016, Budapest
10 March 2016
At the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s business year-opening event, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that the Government is introducing a new decision-making mechanism for EU calls for proposals. The Prime Minister also said that warding off the threat of migration may result in an enormous competitive advantage.

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  • Viktor Orbán, 52
  • Lawyer, graduated at Eötvös Loránd University and studied at Pembroke College, Oxford
  • Married to Anikó Lévai
  • They have five children: Ráhel, Gáspár, Sára, Róza, Flóra
  • Chairman of FIDESZ, vice-chairman of the European People's Party


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