In Parliament on Monday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán highlighted halting the decline in the Hungarian population as one of the most important tasks for the future. Mr. Orbán also stated that teachers are asking for an 18% pay increase, which is currently impossible.
15 February 2016
“Action against the compulsory resettlement quota should be a national issue”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Parliament.
12 February 2016
Statement from the Head of the Prime Minister’s Press Office.
11 February 2016
At a joint press conference on Thursday with the city’s Mayor of Miskolc Ákos Kriza (Fidesz-KDNP), and following a review of the county capital’s recent development projects, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that “Miskolc is no longer a city of unemployment, but a city of enterprises seeking new workers”.
11 February 2016
What the national daily Népszabadság is doing in relation to alleged comments by the Prime Minister in Lillafüred is professionally indefensible and can only be seen as cheap provocation.
11 February 2016
On Thursday, at invitation of Bishop of Miskolc Eparchy Atanáz Orosz, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited the seat of the Eparchy.
11 February 2016
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that while we are facing a threat from Brussels of “forced resettlement quotas”, the threat from the South is a significant increase in migration pressure this year.
9 February 2016
As part of the Government’s Modern Cities Programme, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Mayor of Kecskemét Klaudia Szemereyné Pataki have signed an agreement, according to which the Government will provide Kecskemét with HUF 25 billion for the establishment of an economic development fund which will provide loans to viable commercial enterprises.

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  • Viktor Orbán, 52
  • Lawyer, graduated at Eötvös Loránd University and studied at Pembroke College, Oxford
  • Married to Anikó Lévai
  • They have five children: Ráhel, Gáspár, Sára, Róza, Flóra
  • Chairman of FIDESZ, vice-chairman of the European People's Party


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